When I was brought on to consult with Creative Entertainment at Disneyland it was Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree that kept me busy for almost a full year. The park wanted to activate Festival Arena for guest use outside of special events. This was done and Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree was born. Guest Talent was the primary tenant of the venue, however in order to attract more attendance to the area we were charged with overlaying the area with seasonal dressing, food, and entertainment offerings. The first of these was the Halloween Carnival. A complete art package including directional signage, set-piece design, family games, area and stage decoration, pumpkin carvings, a carnival tent complete with a magic box for conjuring.


Disneyland Park
Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree
Anaheim, California


Disney Parks Live Entertainment

What I Did:

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Entertainment Drafting

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