I was brought in pretty early on to help with the creation of The Simpsons Springfield for Universal Studios in both Orlando and Hollywood. Although I didn’t see the projects through to completion due to the many starts and stops that projects sometimes take on, I was thrilled to see the heart of my work in the final product. Many of the gags throughout the land were huge items I championed in meetings. The building facade selection, color and character were under my lead in early development. Also the simple graphic that appears on the signature Flaming Moe drink was meant to be a placeholder, until I had time to work on something more refined. Although come to think of it something quick and dirty is just the right character for Moe’s Tavern. 


Universal Studios Orlando
Orlando, Florida

Universal Studio Hollywood
Hollywood, California


Universal Studios
20th Century Fox
Gracie Films

What I Did:

Art Direction, Concept Design, Color & Materials, Planning & Programming

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