I’m extremely pleased to have been apart of this amazing collaboration between Legacy Entertainment and Cirque Du Soleil. In my role as creative director my duties were to work in concert with our Cirque Du Soleil partners to deliver an experience that matched the wonder and charm of Cirque’s live productions. Our primary goal was to engage, touch, and inspire our guests, while turning the standard concepts of what a theme park can be on its head.

We created a whole world across three different gates, and three hotels were artists and performers lived, worked, and entertained guests to the resort. Guests would be invited to participate in stories, shows, and attractions to a level that only Cirque Du Soleil could provide. The spaces were designed to transform and provide different offerings as day gave way to night. Live performances and acrobatic artistry would seamlessly step out of the shadows. Interactions with an array of unique characters who encourage guests to seek out adventures of wonder and discovery on branching and merging story lines were to be found around the resort.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Cirque Du Soleil
Grupo Vidanta

What I Did:

Creative Direction,  Show Creation, Attraction Creation, Art Direction, Presentation Creation & Pitching, Creative Writing (Narratives)

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