Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park is a marine theme park that opened in November 2018 just outside of Shanghai, China. The original name for the park was World of Water, then later Polar Ocean Worlds, but the client settled for Ocean Park. However, the legacy of those names can be seen in the overall theme and approach to the park. Guests pass through the elaborate entry where they have a choice of two polar-opposite lands; The tropical, futuristic land of Rainbow Falls, or the always winter, old-world charm of Port Majestic. As the creative director on this project my role was hto bring to life the vision and theme of the park.

The bulk of my duties included producing, directing, and managing the area development, placemaking, and the exterior and interior architecture of every building. Additionally overseeing the interior designs and guest experiences inside each pavilion. Many of the pavilions, and the park as a whole, required a mass coordinating of efforts between ride-design, animal life-safety systems, lighting design, and facility needs in order to maintain the intended creative intent.

While we were not part of the construction of the park, the designs, and documentation were strong enough to shine through the process without us.


Shanghai, China


Haichang Ocean Park

What I Did:

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Programming & Planning

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