An attraction like no other; this is the world’s first dark ride stunt show. Guests find themselves in a post-apocalyptic outpost where they are forced into an underground prison with no hope of escape. That all changes when a hero arrives to save us from our misfortune to take us away to the mythical last oasis. An insane chase across the wasteland unfolds, as life and death hang in the balance, while trying to evade our captures and leave them in our dust.

Through daring chases, exciting larger than life action, ground-breaking multi-media, immersive theater, escape room settings, stunts, and live performances. Trans Studio is set to provide an attraction with no equal to the visitors of Bali.

Creative Writing:

I wrote the script for the attraction. You can click below to view it.  


Bali, Indonesia


Trans Studio

What I Did:

Creative Direction, Creative Writing (Narrative & Script), Show Direction, Media Direction (Audio & Visual)

Quick Facts:

Budget: $12 million USD (Ride & Show)
Total Attraction Length: 237 meters
Total Attraction Time: 266 seconds
Total Live Action Stunt Performers: 6
Media Sequences: 5
Ride Vehicle: OES EVO-6

Video Gallery:

A highlight video of the attraction.

Full attraction video shot during technical rehearsals.
(The live performers were still being cast)

Image Gallery: