A true highlight of my career was getting play with Legendary in the Pacific Rim sandbox. During the development of this attraction for Trans Studio Cibubur we added to the franchise’s canon with the creation of a new Jaeger, STORM GARUDA (The PPDC’s first MARK VII Jaeger) and three new Kaiju (codenamed: THUNDERHEAD, TUNDRA, & FERNO introducing elemental powers). We also sought to bring a unique element to the attraction that outside of the IP would make it stand-out in the global market. To that end the attraction is anchored by an Oceaneering motion-based ride vehicle and features elements of immersive theatre that thrust you into the world of Pacific Rim, a mid-ride walk-through experience, and towering 3D media.

It has been a hectic journey jumping across the ocean at least once a month for the past two years, but in the end very rewarding as the team at Legacy Entertainment opened not one, but two uniquely different dark rides for Trans Studio all in the same year.

There are way too many people to give thanks to, but we assembled a team of passionate and dedicated professionals that each brought something unique and drove this project above and beyond. Despite this being for a regional theme park I believed we delivered something truly special in the world of themed entertainment.

Creative Writing:

I wrote the script for the attraction. You can click below to view it.  


Jakarta, Indonesia


Trans Studio

What I Did:

Creative Direction, Creative Writing (Narrative & Script), Show Direction, Media Direction (Audio & Visual)

Quick Facts:

Budget: $12 million USD (Ride & Show)
Total Attraction Length: 292 meters
Ride Track Length: 217 meters
Walk-through Length: 75 meters
Total Attraction Time: 12 minutes
Ride Time: 4 minutes
Walk-through Time: 8 minutes
Media Sequences: 6
Ride Vehicle: OES EVO-6

Video Gallery:

A highlight video of the attraction.

Local advertisement for the attraction.

Image Gallery: