This was a passion project of mine. I started my entertainment career at the age of thirteen performing in the Christmas parade at Disneyland in California. I’ve been obsessed with being a part of live entertainment ever since, particularly parades. I worked in the Disneyland Entertainment Department while attending college. So, it felt like my life had come full-circle when I was working on this project. The timeline was insane, the budget not huge, but we pulled it all off. While my opinion is highly bias, I do believe this is one of the better theme park parades / spectaculars ever produced. It is truly engaging and fun to watch.

I spent over a year and a half on this project, nine months of which were on-site in Seoul. Working with the international cast and production team has been one of the highlights of my life. I would love to do another project like this!


Seoul, South Korea


Lotte World

What I Did:

Show Direction, Art Direction

Quick Facts:

A turn-key creation, production, and operation of an original nighttime spectacular that includes a light-parade, pyrotechnics, a cast and crew of over 100, original music, state-of-the-art lighting, along with the first nightly operational autonomous synchronized flying drones in a theme park.

Budget: $7 million USD
Floats: 19
Puppets: 33
Drones: 25
Production Time: 16 months

Video Gallery:

A highlight video of the show.

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